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Eating Art
2013-06-21 15:17
So, I just read a story of Maurice Sendak, the great children’s author/illustrator. He talked about the highest compliment he was ever paid as an author. A little boy had sent him a v… Read More
The Prodigal Writer
2013-06-18 23:19
No, this isn’t MY SPACE. I tried every which way to take a SELFIE. I gave up. Resorted to ole’ phone in the mirror trick. Knock knock! Anybody home? I know I’ve been gone f… Read More
2013-03-24 15:32
Teach me how to do that. To stand alone and face your fear head on. I see your face, unreadable and calm,  but you must tell yourself something. What is it? I need those words… Read More
We Belong To Each Other
2013-03-22 16:58
 If we have no peace, it’s because we’ve forgotten we belong to each other. -Mother Theresa This thought keeps bubbling to the surface for me: We are here to take care of ea… Read More
Be Still My Heart
2013-03-22 15:17
Hugh as Wolverine. Super cool guy. Hugh in Les Mis. Like OMG. Hugh’s words.  I’ve just fainted. He’s off the charts for me now. OFF. THE. CHARTS. Pay attention men… Read More
I’m Working My Way Back To You, Babe
2013-01-24 23:45
I am. Getting. Closer. I get a few of my favorite people in my email, and every time it makes me long for my Word Press days. When I actually put my thoughts out for everyone to s… Read More
Carr, Lisa Carr
2013-01-02 16:50
Pussy Galore (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Well, it’s happened again. I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve gone over it in my mind: Why am I having such a hard time blogging? And the con… Read More
2012-12-20 20:00
For 5 minutes, in a busy mall filled with shoppers wielding credit cards and bags, retail in all its glittery glory took a backseat. As one of my favorite bloggers, Dan Pearce of Single Dad… Read More

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