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2016-09-21 02:31
On June 10, 2016, Ralph received the diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome (a rare bone marrow cancer). He started on chemotherapy the next week. We were told that his prognosis was six mont… Read More
What Will She Do With All Our Stuff?
2016-07-24 01:38
Within a few weeks Marie will be closing on her condo. She will be a home owner at 30. Then the three of us will be moving together into her condo. We are starting to clean out this house th… Read More
2016-07-09 02:42
Well… Things are changing quickly. On Saturday, on our way to go fishing, I said to Ralph, “We should take some money out your 401k to help Marie make a down payment on a condo… Read More
Dust Will Be Your Husband’s Enemy
2016-07-03 17:09
Ralph is scheduled to meet with the bone marrow transplant team in two weeks due to his myelodysplastic syndrome, a blood/bone marrow cancer. I’ve rapidly been educating myself on myel… Read More
Thanking God We Have Insurance
2016-06-29 12:06
So far the cost of treating MDS is close to $30,000 since June 1. Yesterday, we received a call from the hospital that will be doing the Stem Cell Transplant, a procedure and follow up treat… Read More
Hope Deferred – Marie
2016-06-22 01:50
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, Yesterday, I took Marie to an apartment building in our town to look at a one bedroom apartment. Normally, this building has a long waiting list for one b… Read More
2016-06-20 11:16
Today is Ralph’s first chemotherapy appointment. He gets Vidaza administered via his port (which was placed last Thursday). For 22 years he has been going to the Hematology/Oncology Cl… Read More
2016-06-15 12:10
We have so many questions that we haven’t asked yet. I know I shouldn’t go on the internet, but it’s almost irresistible. Information on prognosis is depressing. The kind o… Read More
The Big C
2016-06-14 12:39
The Big C – Cancer has entered our lives. Two weeks ago, my husband, Ralph, had a bone marrow biopsy. He has had a blood disorder for 22 years, thrombocythemia, so he has regular blood… Read More
Kilter Family Update – The Next Stage
2016-01-05 17:05
“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John Shedd. My blog posts have slowed down this year. This is due in part to the chaos in my life due to Ral… Read More

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