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The Chateau, The Flood And Me
2016-09-17 20:30
A few years ago I saw a story about an Australian couple that had bought and were attempting to restore the 14th century French Chateau de Gudanes.  They recently shared a Vogue ar… Read More
Church And Comfort Food
2016-07-10 21:29
It’s a brutal time for my hometown, Baton Rouge, and the nation. I have felt shock, anger, fear and hopelessness. I don’t profess to have answers for all the problems of tod… Read More
Embrace The Flaw
2016-07-05 11:49
Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept that embraces transience and imperfection. The Shakers are known for their simple, classic furniture style. They believed that one should not aspire to the pe… Read More
CREATIVE HEROES: Jonathan Palmisano
2016-06-15 11:00
Jonathan’s creative reputation as The Lunchbox Doodle Guy preceded my getting to know him. I’ve since learned he’s funny and is always up for an adventure. He’s… Read More
Listen To Your Mother
2016-05-08 12:00
I backpacked across Europe for six months in my 20’s and jumped out of a plane for my 50th birthday. I was my daughter’s Girl Scout leader for 13 years and taught them how to hai… Read More
2016-04-17 12:30
When I started this series my idea was simple; interview people who were living fully creative lives. I often say our lives make sense in hindsight. That’s especially true when you ref… Read More
CREATIVE HEROES: Raymond Strother
2016-03-24 07:30
Ray and my sweetie’s friendship goes back decades. While he was down from his Montana mountains and in Louisiana, I grabbed him for a conversation for my Creative Heroes series. A… Read More
Listen To Your Mother – New Orleans
2016-03-22 07:30
I’ve heard that if a TED Talk married the Vagina Monologues that it’s offspring would be Listen to Your Mother. Listen to Your Mother (LTYM) is a performance about motherhood and… Read More
CREATIVE HEROES: My Advertising Friends
2016-02-28 13:11
My sweetie, Steve Davison won a lifetime achievement award at the Annual Advertising (ADDY) Awards.* And BAM…it hit me afterwards. I’ve now started my new series on Creative Her… Read More
CREATIVE HEROES: Marie Constantin
2016-02-11 12:58
Marie Constantin, photographer, home renovator, fiddler, lives a creative life. She lives in the present moment, sees the holy in the world around her, and infuses her life with joy. She has… Read More

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