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2016-10-05 00:48
Like everyone else, I've spent way too much time this year reading and thinking and talking about Donald J. Trump, and trying to put him in societal and political context. So it's great to h… Read More
2016-04-27 17:07
In March, I participated in a terrific panel at the CUNY Graduate Center, as part of the "Conversations on Race and Other Diversities" series, moderated by the legendary Johnnetta B. Cole an… Read More
2016-03-05 20:53
I had no advance warning of Melissa Harris-Perry abruptly ending; I learned about it like everyone else, in articles and emails and posts. Was startling to realize that my last appearance on… Read More
2015-12-15 05:09
So I was on Melissa Harris-Perry on December 12, as part of a good discussion about Islamophobia, and a comment of mine upset Bill O'Reilly, leading to a swarm of hate-tweets and emails. Bre… Read More
2015-10-10 13:36
Often, when a scholar visits a campus, the sponsoring department or center designs a flyer or poster to catch the eye of anyone potentially interested in the topic. But they're rarely as col… Read More
2015-06-28 21:03
Beyond appearing on the always-engaging Melissa Harris-Perry, have been doing more MSNBC as of late—in particular, had the pleasure (and anxiety) of being on NOW with Alex Wagner and A… Read More
2015-06-28 04:18
Was honored—am honored—to participate in a just-posted Crooked Timber online seminar discussing Danielle Allen’s recent book Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration o… Read More
2015-06-28 03:08
Thrilled to finally see my article “Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic: DREAM Activists, Immigrant Politics, and the Queering of Democracy” appear in From Voice to Influenc… Read More
2015-03-12 12:40
Had the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning in February on Melissa Harris-Perry chattingwith the brilliant Jelani Cobb and others. Was in the segments "Public transportation barriers hel… Read More

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