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2012-01-22 18:52
Tiberius the snappily-dressed tiger man! Art trade for the infinitely wonderful Maya Nord! Check out what she drew for me!Nostomo, Lord of the Depths! For Quantum-Roberts @DA! Read More
First Post Of '12!
2012-01-15 03:12
So it looks like my Photobucket went down in the middle of December due to reaching the demand limit or whatever... Am working through Tinypic now, hope that's better. I'm not about to go th… Read More
What Is With The Fish Lately, I Swear
2011-12-12 09:07
OH MAN I NEED TO WORK ON FINALSBased on Brazilian folklore.Something a little Christmassy. You know. For the ladies.I should just draw a huge epic creepy shoujo manga acid trip because that… Read More
Color Roughs For Last Four Pieces
2011-11-11 07:29
In case anyone's interested!In all examples, left/top left is the initial pass at the colors. After I do the initial pass I'll noodle around with the hues and maybe replace a few colors to s… Read More
Living, Barely
2011-11-08 22:02
Last week I had an apocalyptic death fever! Don't worry, I lived.It's weird, I have next to zero inclination to draw fanart right now. I can't tell if I'm just not into anything enough to de… Read More
2011-10-21 22:21
Hello my lovely flist~My subconscious shoujo manga nerd appears to be emerging... All I want to draw is floating girls and plants, lately Read More
A Comic That I Arted
2011-10-06 01:36
Guess who was at the Alternative Press Expo this last weekend?At a table?Selling a comic?!Captain Kitten! Cat pirates... fighting jetpack pterodactyls. Sixteen pages of sweet, sweet fight sc… Read More
It's That Time Again
2011-08-26 01:01
ART DUMP TIMEKlarion the Witch Boy for DC FIFTY-TOO! It's a fan-run reimagining of the looming DC line-wide reboot - Over 50 indie artists draw the comics they wish were launching. There's s… Read More
2011-07-29 19:39
Here's a thing: Doctor Strange rogues for the esteemed Project:Rooftop!Baron MordoSatannishNightmareShuma-GorathDormammu and UmarClick thru to P:R for all my weird design notes. :D Read More
2011-07-20 02:30
Oh man, you guys. Has it been ages since I posted or what?FAN CRAP FIRSTI love Banette. It's my favorite pokemans. So when I finally transferred my prized shiny one over to Pokemon White, I… Read More

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