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Long Exposure Extravaganza
2014-05-21 03:25
I said in a recent post that I wanted to get more daylight long-exposure photos happening, and this is me making good on that promise. (Below shot at normal exposure) I’ve a growing… Read More
Shifting Light
2014-05-14 14:30
Trying to balance the light across a frame is a fundamental part of photography. When the sun is out, this is easiest, as the sun throws lots of light onto the foreground of the shot, while… Read More
Passing Time
2014-05-14 04:23
All photography, at its most basic, is the way in which light exposes itself to a recording medium (plate, film or sensor). Three metrics govern this- the size of the hole the light pa… Read More
Farewell Colours Of Biderap
2014-05-11 05:35
While the Northern Hemisphere heads for summer (lucky buggers), we here in the antipodes have firmly dropped off the cliff into an early winter season. Although Australia officially re… Read More
2014-05-09 06:38
I’ve talked about the sky on more than one occasion here. For any outdoors photography, the sky is a critical component of the shot- either because the nature of the sky dictates the… Read More
2014-05-08 02:39
Adapted from a Facebook status update. With apologies to my FB friends who have to put up with prolonged status rants. I don’t put up photos of babies or food or link to Candy Crush Sa… Read More
Alberta Rockies- Monochrome
2014-03-14 02:47
There are some spectacular drives in the world- probably too numerous to mention, and varied in their beauty and uniqueness. I reckon I’ve had a chance to enjoy a few of them- but not… Read More
Touching The Sky
2014-03-13 05:30
One thing I love about the sky is that it’s constantly changing. We forget, I think, that the air is, from a mechanical standpoint, a fluid. Moisture, temperature and pressure interac… Read More

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