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For L., 195?-2014.
2014-05-19 03:07
the voicemail said, “call me. something terrible has happened.” my first thought was, L. is dead. when i called and discovered that i was right, that she hadn’t come to wor… Read More
2014-04-29 02:27
all are free and will almost certainly be fun. APRIL 30, 7pm Long Haul Infoshop, Berkeley CA (facebook event page here) MAY 5 Good Bellies Variety Show Shared feature with Alexandra Naught… Read More
Visual Evidence
2014-04-03 21:45
I feel like sharing a little bit of where I live. Partially because most of my best friends live very far away and don’t see the little items and spaces that make up my world. sorry if… Read More
2014-01-22 19:56
current mental status: overwhelmed. increasingly disorganized. experiencing an upsurge in hopelessness. how can i not, when that garbage can outside of my apartment says “hope is the w… Read More
2013 In Review!
2013-12-27 21:32
1.What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before? legally changed my name!!! fundraised to publish my book! made this thing real, finally finally finally. those two have been on… Read More
2013-12-27 21:07
at work, we keep all the knives in a drawer or a locked cabinet, sweep the house to make sure that there aren’t any laying around. most people won’t do anything with them besides… Read More

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