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An award-winning blog with thoughts on life and also some recipes (for food, and sometimes disaster.)
Spellbound #2
2016-10-14 20:02
Well would you look at what's come around again! Yes! Another edition of Spellbound! Lucky old you. (Or young, I aim to appeal to a wide demographic #relatable.)Kenwood | Whittard of Chelsea… Read More
Spellbound #1
2016-10-06 15:22
Ladies and gents, roll up for another magnificent new idea from the mind of moi! Yes, this post is the first of (hopefully) many in a series going by the name of (as you already know from re… Read More
The Roaring Twenties
2016-09-16 18:13
Hello, it's my birthday. WAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Birthday birthday birthday SO EXCITED. This post really serves no other purpose than to tell the world that it is my birthday. Today. This day… Read More
University Is Not For Everyone
2016-07-31 14:05
"University's not for everyone." Yeah, I know. We get told this all the time - whether it's by someone trying to comfort you when you're having a down day, or by someone who feels the need t… Read More
Eatery Hopping: Cadiz, Edinburgh
2016-07-30 12:10
If you have ever been to Edinburgh, you may know that George Street is a hub of all things high-end and swishy and gorgeous. Where better, then, to go enjoy beautiful food with a beautiful v… Read More
Eatery Hopping: Revolution, Edinburgh
2016-07-30 11:59
Earlier this week, I popped home for a less-than-24-hour visit to the homeland for the regional semi-finals of the Le Cordon Bleu Scholarship Award (still feeling very !!!!! about that), and… Read More
Allow Yourself To Be Unhappy
2016-07-26 15:52
(Written mid-June and briefly published, then reverted to draft when life put things into perspective and showed me that my slightly disappointing uni grade really doesn't matter as much as… Read More
Kladdkaka (Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake)
2016-07-24 17:32
Further to my proclamation of love for the scrummy and lightning-fast kladdkaka in my previous blog post, as well as on every social media platform I could find, I come to you now with none… Read More
Eatery Hopping: Hemma, Edinburgh (& Fika!)
2016-07-15 14:33
I am obsessed with Scandinavia. This is not news - I have been an adoring fan of all things Scandi for approximately five hundred years, and have harboured dreams of living there for at leas… Read More
Eatery Hopping: Maxi's, Edinburgh
2016-07-09 19:41
There is an interior design company based in Edinburgh who seem to have been refurbishing just about every single café the city has to offer. No complaints here - Splintr do truly won… Read More

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