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2013-06-03 16:47
  During my high school years I missed a lot of school, half of my freshman year and at least a month and a half of sophomore year. The kids in school never knew where I went those two… Read More
2013-06-03 16:15
 I currently live next to that evil house. I hate it. I hate having to see it every single day. When I walk outside, when I look out my window there it is, it seems like its mocking me… Read More
2012-11-07 22:58
   I have been called so many things in my life. Whore, bitch, cunt, slut, fat, ugly, druggie, emo just to name a few. People that didn't even know my name. People that didn't even… Read More
2012-11-07 22:46
     Till this day I still have flash backs. I don't ever think there will be a day when I don't have flash backs of what had happend. I wish they would stop because it s… Read More
2012-09-12 05:02
      I can remember it so clearly like it happend yesterday. It's a day that till the day I die I'll never forget. The day my life changed forever. This is the firs… Read More
2012-07-12 03:25
 There's a long history between me and my mother good, bad, and ugly. She has done things to me that to this day I have a hard time forgiving her for like abandoning me. She may have be… Read More
2012-07-12 03:17
 School has always been an escape for me. Unlike most kids I enjoyed going to school because I knew I could be safe there. I dedicated myself to do the best possible because I knew that… Read More
2012-06-29 06:19
 When I was 8 yrs old I moved from Hawaii to Florida. All the way on the other side of the country. I was devistated. I didn't know anyone and I felt more alone than ever, my protectors… Read More
2012-03-09 05:37
 Everyone I know loves having a room of there own but me sometimes I hate the idea. There's a good reason well in my opinion why that idea is so nerve wrecking for me. As a preteen my r… Read More
2012-01-10 22:01
            Drugs have played a big part in my life. They have surrounded me. The authority figures in my life have been consumed by it… Read More

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