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1/4th Of A Social, And Cousin Mail
2016-09-07 19:51
Here I am, watching the LWA social a day late, before being interrupted 30 minutes into it. No worries, just means I get to stretch out the fun even more. I'm using up some of my Ink Dr… Read More
Dinner Pies- Empanadas!
2016-08-22 14:35
In the past week or so I've made a few dinner pies. They seem more economical than sweet pies, because well, I need to eat dinner, and I don't necessarily need to eat dessert.It's been reall… Read More
2016-08-11 15:36
To my friend from childhood, who shared my love of horses:An Arthur Rackham calendar envelope:  This blue floral washi tape was a gift from my mom and it's really neat because it's fabr… Read More
A Glimpse Of My Studio
2016-06-22 16:35
I always love seeing people's writing desks or mail art stations, so I thought I would share mine again. Same desk, same lamp, same mail cubby, but this is the first time I've shown the set… Read More
Outgoing Mail
2016-06-20 17:51
Some outgoing mail:For Christmas I received a fat book of origami paper. You can see four sheets of it in the above photo. I'm using it for writing paper, because I'm not very good at origam… Read More
2016-06-19 18:16
lovely bright circle mail from Taradactyl I just love this stamp of one of South Africa's national parks. Beautiful! I just bought a sheet of the new U.S. National Parks, which are ab… Read More
Happy Halloween!
2016-06-08 15:42
An Arthur Rackham spooky envelope going out. I hope it gets there with that poison sticker on there!I felt in the mood to even decorate my bills!Some of my favorite Halloween mail this year… Read More
Mostly Calendar Envelopes
2016-06-02 15:14
I've been making a lot of envelopes from old calendars that I've had laying around for YEARS and want to use up.Arthur Rackham, one of my favoritesWildlife calendar and a William Wegman Weim… Read More
Pineapple Rum Cream Pie
2016-05-24 19:04
I'm definitely obsessed with pie.  This pie I just kind of made up on the spot because I really wanted to make a pie, and I didn't want to go shopping. We had a pineapple that was very… Read More

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