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Make My Heart Glow
2010-10-04 00:08
Today, I wore my warm, fuzzy sweater with my warm, fuzzy mucklucks. I sat outside, under a tree and wrote poetry. I felt the sunshine on my face and the fall wind in my hair. Who could as… Read More
Everyone Tells Me It's Windy
2010-09-27 00:27
So I was getting ready to go to a wedding and I thought I would document my outfit. But later I ended up adding an aaaamazing belt, but sadly I didn't take a picture of it this time. I got… Read More
Born From The Corn
2010-09-21 19:09
jean jacket: borrowed from my sis who bought at GAPdress: found at a thrift store for $3!! whoot whoot! ya mehat: Forever 21So a new kitty ha… Read More
Leaf The Summer Behind You
2010-08-30 02:48
The Leaves are already shedding,and changing into beautiful colors.Me and Lunie are getting ready for FALL!Truth be told, sometimes I like to dress in neutral tones. Neutrals are always a s… Read More
2010-08-10 02:47
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of a little show called Gossip Girl. While I'm not a huge fan of the show, I am a huge fan of one of the actresses on the show… Read More
Leaf Me Be
2010-08-01 19:03
I have a love/hate relationship with nature. I appreciate the beauty of the trees and flowers and adore the sound of a babbling brook, but I am not an avid fan of bug bites and poison ivy, o… Read More
Color Me With Flowers
2010-07-22 19:56
I think I was meant to live in floral prints. As soon as I enter a store I migrate automatically towards anything with a flower on it. What can I… Read More
Casting Lazy Shadows
2010-07-15 02:41
On Luna:Headband, Skirt, Shirt: Urban OutfittersShoes, Ring, Bracelets: Forever 21On Bella:Shirt: Target (From Luna)Skirt: Forever 21Necklace: Vintage (From Luna's Grandma)Earrings: Walmart… Read More
The Clock Gives Us Shadows
2010-07-12 20:55
Rain Has No Father? By El AnatsuiSo I have been trying to get back in the swing of sewing my own clothes. And I found this cute fabric at t… Read More

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