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Playing Catch-up!
2010-11-21 19:03
Okay, I’ve been horrible at keeping this updated, does anyone still read it? I still can’t convince Mark to blog regularly. But, I think I know that I’m so behind so I keep… Read More
Wine Tasting In Alsace
2010-09-28 21:29
Wine tasting, gorgeous views, camping, dinner with friends – pretty much an amazing weekend in France 2 weekends ago! Read More
Cinque Terre With Sandy And Alen
2010-09-19 22:53
I was so excited to take S & A to Cinque Terre! I had such a good time there with M’s fam and Sandy adored the pics – so off we went! We rented a car and it’s only abou… Read More
Sandy & Alen!
2010-09-17 11:45
This is for you Sandy/Alen fans out there!!! We are having a blast and have been so busy so far and they ALREADY leave on Tuesday…this is going way too fast. We’ve dragged them… Read More
Climbing The Buochserhorn With Liz =)
2010-09-12 20:19
This was from when Liz, Bama and I spent a lovely afternoon on the beach reading! The next pictures are from climbing the huge Buochserhorn that Mark and I climbed in the Spring – whi… Read More
Trift Bridge Again
2010-09-06 22:44
Since it is one of our favorite places in Switzerland, we had to take M’s family to see it! lunch at the top! encountered some sheep in our path on the way down. I don’t know why… Read More
Hiking The Niederbauen
2010-09-04 10:35
I can’t believe how much time flies when you’re having a good time =( It should be the opposite right? Kari and Mom E already leave tomorrow =( These pictures are from a hike I… Read More
More CT Pics :)
2010-08-28 22:32
You would think I was there for years with how many pictures I took…had to delete a lot! But I just love my camera! Read More

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Far From Home | a boy, a girl, a bama and their new Swiss home…


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