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New Family Member.
2015-04-09 09:12
Hello!My name is Nester and I'm a painter, of some sort.I enjoy picking my nose and using the booger to draw my family onto the wall. I also like watching birds mate and when they've laid th… Read More
The Disappointments Never Seize.
2015-04-07 10:38
I might not be a terrorist, but what really makes tick like a bomb, is that I cannot be calm before I've got what I want in my palm. What drives me to the edge of insanity is the one and onl… Read More
Land Of The Free!
2015-04-06 18:04
Obama Care - SummaryFirst of all, if these videos are meant to encourage people to understand, approve and adapt to the insurance care act, they've failed. This makes me somewhat irritated b… Read More
Faith In Humanity Restored.
2015-04-06 10:14
As I wondered lonely on a busy street, a young lady with a sign I meet."Tell me your story and win a coin" said the sign, I couldn't help myself from asking why anddecided to tell her mine… Read More
2015-03-16 18:08
It's proven that it's all in the attitude!I didn't even have to ask nor search to be offered a job. It pays off to be awesome! Haha!So, no more troubles for me, but I will allow myself to co… Read More
2015-03-13 13:47
I cannot be the only European whos last nerves on MUUUURICA has been burning for quite some time now.A tiny shout-out for the American history; They are truly artistic and creative people wh… Read More
Help, Life, Knowledge!
2015-03-11 20:44
Betcha didn't know Finland had a Playboy who's acted in Baywatch with her talent, the violin?I'll make this update simple and upload a video. Did not have a better kamera than my old laptops… Read More
Spirit High, Energy Low.
2015-03-09 14:06
I forgot I was filling my cup and now the coffee is everywhere. My speed-gauge is on overdrive and my feet can hardly keep up. I'm not going to lie and say I can do this because I cannot. My… Read More
2015-01-09 01:31 deepest sources of t… Read More

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