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2004-12-16 05:15
“A Citizen of the World” A Brief Examination of the Origins of Global Interdependency It was Voltaire who once wrote: “It is clear that one country cannot gain without anot… Read More
2004-12-09 01:20
this is the outline for my research paper on American relations with other countries with specific attentiont to the Middle East. I had a feeling this paper wont come together like the Osama… Read More
2004-12-07 03:56
The public relations side of the doctrine laid out by George Bush, which describes a new, post 9-11 American foreign policy is at home in American history. Throughout the last 100 years the… Read More
2004-11-23 04:00
There were essentially four stages of history between the 17th and early 20th centuries: the Scientific Revolution, the Age of Enlightenment and Revolutions, the Industrial Revol… Read More
2004-11-23 03:59
Why Do They Hate Us? (Volume 2) Islamism and the Like In the first handout I gave to the class, I attempted to give you a pragmatic guide to Islam and its clash with American foreign policy… Read More
2004-11-16 03:52
Why Do They Hate Us? American Foreign Policy and It’s Clash with Islam On the Sunday “Late Edition” with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Pat Buchanan was interviewed and he said basic… Read More
2004-11-16 03:51
As we approach the last quarter of the class my exact thesis for my paper remains a mystery. What I do know is that with the re-election of George Bush little will change. However I question… Read More
2004-11-16 03:41
(I had this saved on my computer but forgot to post it) Not long before the expedition of Christopher Columbus, the Spanish conquest of Mesoamerica, and the development of European colonies… Read More

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