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Sink Or Swim
2012-01-13 23:01
So neglectful I have beenBusy pondering other thingsDove down and kept goingBuoy up and remember to swimSelf preservation out at seaSetting sail to the starsFocus on bold intentionsSet on th… Read More
Pretty Platinum Pumpkins
2011-10-24 19:12
Strangely, I have felt a shift.Pretty is a pretty does.Creative genius is as creative genius does. I was stuck in the mud literally, and figuratively, both. I wiggled my Self out and began d… Read More
Heal The Bay In The Hood
2011-09-12 16:12
We had just come home from a two week road trip.Open the paper a found a crowd surround some art, and then realized they were all right out side,and down the block. So we walked.We found som… Read More
Who Me?
2011-08-25 19:00
Sweet pinkFlush cheeksChange meHave me weakMore moreGive me moreAll I adoreOpen doorTake it awayAll awayToss it outMake me stay Read More
Color My Mask
2011-08-03 07:31
Mirror my maskManage my viewSavor my thoughtFavor my newsWalk my pathWander my tasksPioneer my roadPonder my questsRebel my tribeReveal my vibeRisk my wowsReap my vowsPaint my pastPoint my l… Read More
Summer Lover In Slumber
2011-07-07 01:31
It has become rare that I share, all the fun that my hands dare to do with out an audience to view. So, here I am posting in possible repair.As soon as the heat wave strikes, we head down th… Read More
White Hot Sweet Spot
2011-06-21 16:00
Muddy watersHot springsTawny huesRope stringsKick splashBubble up Birth controlPanties dropSalty sweet Toast pointsOrange jamRib jointSurreal artDream stateMoon swingReal lifeNotes: Images:… Read More
Glam Tram
2011-05-18 19:45
Glam tramParty trainPurple rainSocial strainWhite trashRecycle meBack alleyCat walkLip lockVamp tipsStraw sipSlow dripCat walkTrip dropFawn fallFaux pas Read More

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