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Skeleton Makeup Look | Beginners
2016-10-13 22:51
Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking the time again to look at my blog I really do appreciate it. One of my favourite times of year has hit, and if you know me well, you'll know that's Autum… Read More
Updated Skin Routine | 2016
2016-05-22 15:34
Hello Everyone,I have just had the world biggest meltdown because I realised, we are almost half way into the year, and everything I said I was going to do this year, I haven't really done… Read More
Spring | Makeup&Outfit
2016-05-08 11:57
Hello Everyone, I’m honestly over the moon. It is finally Spring. I don’t think any of you understand how happy I am. I mean I usually love Winter and Autumn, because it mea… Read More
March Favourites | 2016
2016-04-08 16:35
Hello Everyone, I have not done one of these posts for an extremely long time, and I think it is time I ought too. Also because I can not think of anything else to do... I'm sorry. We a… Read More
Infinity Dream Award
2016-03-01 12:00
Hello Everyone,I have decided not to apologize for my lack of posts. At the moment my life is very hectic, so I am just going to post when I can. I am trying to get a few good posts done and… Read More
Totto Talk Time | Another Q&A
2016-02-02 13:02
Hello Everyone,It is is time for a "Totto Talk time post"... I should really change that to type, because I am not talking "Totto Type time"... Hmm I am not sure. Don't judge my pathetic dec… Read More

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