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2012-09-06 00:03
People on Pinterest are annoying.  Enlighten me... why is it okay to comment on pictures and say someone is too skinny but I'd be shot if I actually said someone was too fat?  Ther… Read More
2012-06-29 02:16
Follow me won't you?  For serio though, I really am moving and I'm damn excited.  If only all these exams could be put on pause so I could pack Read More
2012-06-25 06:07
29 Trends you need to try before you die:#10 A Luxurious T-Shirt — The $100+ T-shirt gets a lot of flak... and for the most part, deservedly. But as people who live in T-shir… Read More
2012-06-20 03:48
When someone religiously sticks to using whoever and I. Sometimes you're supposed to use whoever and me.  And what's more annoying is when people try to correct you and call you ou… Read More
2012-06-17 03:45
(@some sushi restaurant)Joe: There's no California roll? Waitress: No.  It's not included [in the combo]Joe: Can I exchange one of these for a California roll?  Like that.. I… Read More
Over It
2012-06-17 03:26
I wasn't joking when I said 3rd term's a charm.  I'm finally on my to boosting up my GPA.  As of right now I'm basically kicking ass.  You would think some of that pressure wo… Read More
Success... Sort Of
2012-06-15 01:44
You know when...You haven't gone shopping in awhile so you've kind of even been saving some money?  And you make the move to finally take a trip to the mall, eager to buy something new… Read More
Lazy-Hazy-Crazy-Days Of Summer
2012-06-13 00:17
Lymphedema papers and presentations due tomorrow say what now???  It was supposed to be warm this week.  I was looking forward to my last day off fieldwork that I even got my paper… Read More
Challenge Extended
2012-06-07 18:17
I'm in a bit of an outfit rut.  When I go shopping I seem to only invest my money in bottoms, shoes, and outerwear.  And peeping the collection below it is obvious my bottoms still… Read More
2012-06-05 19:47
Read: Signs of lower motor neuron lesions include...fasciculations... Fasciculations are abnormal muscle twitches caused by spontaneous activity in groups of muscle cells.Me: I think I have… Read More

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