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Monday Fun
2012-03-15 23:22
ButterflyBlue Nosed TrollsA "Sunrise Cut"Lisbeth clowning in my studio on Monday. Lis missed a couple of Mondays in a row due to seizures, but has been back the past two weeks. Her participa… Read More
Playing With Color And The Big Cut
2012-02-20 14:03
Percolating with ideas for Lisbeth's big new cuts. I'm particularly keen on this design...Wouldn't these make great tiles? Or fabric squares...I pulled my palette from a couple of photos of… Read More
Brother Alec
2012-02-17 15:23
Lisbeth and Milkweed enjoying a visit from Brother Alec (Lis-ism) who now lives in Long Beach. Alec has been in Maine for ten days and flies back to California today. Lisbeth will miss her "… Read More
Marked Improvement
2012-02-15 01:57
With the Risperdol decrease, Lisbeth's paper cutting is getting more and more fine tuned, more like the way she used to cut. These days she prefers to use a pizza pan to trace the circle for… Read More
Crayon Valens
2012-02-07 12:30
Lisbeth and I made some crayon "valens" (Lis-ism) in my studio yesterday. Then Lis decided to make "a cut" from the colorful waxed paper, too...She calls this cut "The Wedding One" and, "The… Read More
Of Potatoes And Flower Angels
2012-02-03 19:46
Flower Angel, cut February 2, 2012.One of Lisbeth's exquisitely intricate mandalas from around 2006.Lisbeth working on a "Potato One" for Little Milkweed in my studio yesterday.As I mentione… Read More
How She Is
2012-02-02 20:29
Lisbeth in my studio, admiring her latest "cut," a butterfly...Butterfly Cut, by LisbethWe have started the second decrease of Risperdol this week. I am hoping that as we move this drug out… Read More
How Is She?
2012-02-01 20:12
My mother, Edna Simmons, with her grandchildren Andrew and Kaitlyn looking on as she holds her newest grandchild, Lisbeth, in November, 1981.The first anniversary of my mother's death was la… Read More
A Lisbeth Series
2012-01-29 14:36
I've started a new series of paintings about Lisbeth. Trauma and healing, suffering and hope, joy and sorrow.......the whole ball of wax Read More
In The News
2012-01-29 14:23
MargotLisbethCalvinExcerpt from the article The Scourge of EpilepsyBrunswick Times Record, Friday, January 27, 2012 MargotBy Madeline Curtis, age 14, Margot’s sister I wish there was a… Read More

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