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2013-03-14 13:39
Having depression is like having an orgasm.You don’t believe me? Think back to your last orgasm. Put yourself there. Relive it. Think about who you were with (or not as the case may be… Read More
2013-03-11 13:07
Hi you lot,                                                Hope you ar… Read More
2012-02-28 16:15
I'd asked him, 'Will you still encourage your children to like football even though you don't?'He'd replied, 'I don't want kids.'A short and seemingly innocent conversation to anyone listeni… Read More
Tales Of A Real-Life Romance - Chapter 24
2012-02-28 16:14
Who knows what went through Hands' mind when I said that there was something I needed to tell him about myself.I wouldn't say he exactly looked eager to hear whatever I had to reveal. I'd pr… Read More
Tales Of A Real Life Romance - Chapter 23
2012-01-11 20:04
'So how did it go?' Jeremy Kyle enquired on the Monday morning. He was referring to my night in the hotel with Hands the weekend prior.'Not good unfortunately,' I replied.'It's your own faul… Read More
Tales Of A Real Life Romance - Chapter 22
2011-09-14 15:13
Now where was I?Ah yes. In chapter 21 I'd hoped surmised that Hands and I were in a Relationship because we'd been ticking lots of the 'Things you do in a Relationship' boxes. Things like ar… Read More
Tales Of A Real Life Romance - Chapter 21
2011-07-28 18:50
Four dates, almost four months and lots of analysing of texts later, it seemed that Hands and I were finally in a...dare I say it?...relationship.I couldn't be a hundred percent sure having… Read More
Tales Of A Real Life Romance - Chapter 20
2011-05-24 21:06
I decided that it was time to come clean to Hands.In actual fact there was no right time to do it, but I knew the longer I left it, the worse it would be when I did. He deserved to know the… Read More
Tales Of A A Real Life Romance - Chapter 19
2011-05-13 20:35
I felt quite nervous as I travelled on the train over to where Hands lives.[Cue: cheering, clapping and waving of flags and banners that say things like 'Good luck Rapunzel!' and 'Hands is h… Read More
Tales Of A Real Life Romance - Chapter 18
2011-04-27 06:48
I managed to forget about the fact that I'd felt rejected by Hands. It was actually quite easy to do so. Probably because he kept texting me while I was away on my trip and his messages were… Read More

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