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2012-01-15 09:00
A physicist, biologist and a chemist visit the ocean for the first time in their lives. The physicist sees the ocean and is fascinated by the waves. He decides to do some research on the fl… Read More
2011-10-23 11:37
Scientists, philosophers, and physicians have sought to understand and define the complexities of the state of existence called life. In the sphere of the universe, life can neither be creat… Read More
2011-10-23 11:03
The creative forces of the universe are beyond humanity’s ability to comprehend yet not beyond their ability to appreciate. The inability to fully understand the complexities of the un… Read More
The Implications Of Spiritualism
2010-04-16 15:00
Every religion is founded on the fact that there are some principles in man that defy death and survive. Orthodoxy has built a system of reward and punishment hereafter, based, to a large e… Read More
* Sacred Words Of Wisdom *
2010-04-03 06:10
* Timeless Truth * 1. A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences him… Read More

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deva*maya | "There is in all visible things – a hidden wholeness."


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