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Whatever comes to mind,these are airings and sharing, sometimes a rambling on
2016-10-06 09:02
One can’t help but ponder on the when and the how once one has reached an age where the Grim Reaper is just round the corner. I’ve been told that I’m morbid when I asked th… Read More
2016-05-15 06:01
The process of writing a book is much like that of conceiving a child and bringing it into the world. Much like but not quite, if you know what I mean.  You need a man and a woman to ma… Read More
2016-03-05 14:11
Have you ever wondered what your journey is all about?Man these days, on the average, often exceeds the three score and ten years’ life span, thanks to medical advances and a better id… Read More
2015-07-26 12:36
Where once my legs could pedal furiously on a racing bike with my friends, streaking around the tracks in the stadium, today I pedal on a stationary bike for only ten minutes at the most and… Read More
Is Everything Cyclical?
2015-05-29 14:28
I wonder if it is.  Let’s sit back and look at our lives.  Babies are born, reared, nurtured and educated.  They become adults and step out into the working world where… Read More
2015-03-31 12:57
The signs are there.  My sister is dying before our eyes.  From a healthy, beautiful, young woman, she has shrunk into a wizened person, her bones showing beneath her thin skin.&nb&hell…Read More
2015-03-22 05:54
Early this week my sister rang to inform me that she saw on Face Book a post that my dear old friend had passed away.It came as a shock for we had planned to meet up in May after a lapse of… Read More

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