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James Bond Chewing Paan?  ‘fraid So
2016-10-08 11:26
Just because Pierce Brosnan is drop dead gorgeous, doesn’t mean he’s a man who necessarily thinks the way we would all like him to. Pierce Brosnan is not James Bond, a man o… Read More
Good Morning From The Hills
2016-10-07 07:44
There’s a bit of a nip in the air, this …er, hang on, what day of the week is it?…just a mo, lemme check my phone. Oh, gosh, it’s Friday. So, yes, there’s a d… Read More
Possibly The Rudest Breakfast Ever?
2016-10-03 06:21
A couple of days ago, thrillingly, I was filmed for a possible documentary about running. (Yes, yes, promise, I’ll tell you more as and when I’m authorised to.) A delightful youn… Read More
Gardening Leave Is Drawing To A Close
2016-09-23 14:22
These last few weeks of enforced home stay (because my foot was in plaster) saw me spending more quality time than usual with my potted plants. Taking an evening turn on my roof terrace beca… Read More
Fiddling While Rome Burns
2016-09-22 09:28
Was the expression that sprung to mind when I opened my morning papers today. Not to put too fine a point on it, Delhi is in a mess these days. Apologies if that sounds negative, but when a… Read More
Re-visiting The Battlefield
2016-09-16 14:20
Traditional wisdom has it that Diwali marks the change of season, ushering in the winter and cold weather up here in north India. Diwali is still many weeks away, but the extreme ends of the… Read More
Love Me, Love My Dog.  (Or Not)
2016-09-14 14:31
A brilliant interpretation of the modern day Indian love story has gone viral here, and it’s a fascinating glimpse into the clash of young India. Girl’s parents want her to… Read More

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