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Texas ‘Cue Quest – Part 2
2016-10-20 23:38
(The pit at Smitty’s) To master anything, you start with the fundamentals. Texas barbecue is no different. Anyone who thinks that they can grab a brisket sandwich at Pecan Lodge… Read More
Texas ‘Cue Quest – Part 1
2016-10-18 14:58
Never cared much for Texas. Never will. Too many cowboys, too many myths, too many guns and too much country music. Too many Republicans, too. The weather ain’t all that great e… Read More
Tasting The Traube Tonbach
2016-10-14 01:34
ELV note: We know the title of this web site is “Eating Las Vegas,” but we also know that you know that we do not confine ourselves simply to the pleasures of dining in Sin City… Read More
The List
2016-10-08 18:22
Everyone knows ELV loves restaurants. That’s why he’s been obsessing over them for 50 years and  writing about them for 22. ELV — the man, the myth, the inveterate fr… Read More
STANDARD & POUR Prognosticating
2016-09-29 03:28
How you feel about Standard & Pour will pretty much depend upon your venison tartare temperament. Does the above dish look lip-smackingly good to you? Or like something the cat… Read More
Ruminations On THE Arnold Palmer
2016-09-26 20:50
I hate iced tea. I hate iced tea because iced tea is nothing. It is not tea and it is not water. All iced tea is is a murky brown liquid that has only the vaguest resemblance to its name. I… Read More

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Eating Las Vegas — John Curtas is ...Eating Las Vegas


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