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Snow Day
2011-02-02 05:35
Sidney enjoyed her first snow day today. Aunt Jan had a lovely fire burning when we got home, but all Sid wanted to do was go outside. She put up a little fight with the snowsuit, but once… Read More
Hi, I'm 16 Months Old!
2011-01-16 06:12
I learned two things after taking Sidney's latest chair picture. 1. Don't try to take the picture while her cousins are here. They all have way too much fun together and she won't sit stil… Read More
2011-01-07 20:58
I’m here. I made it. Months of contemplation and weeks of planning have led me here to my new home in Albuquerque. It took me a long time to admit to myself that my life was not g… Read More
2010-11-26 22:54
After today, I will have three weeks of work left here in California. This morning, I was looking out the office window at the beautiful mountains north of L.A. and realized how much I will… Read More
2010-11-14 20:08
Reading my last post from October 10, I realize just how much has happened in a few short weeks. Back then, I was depressed about selling my house and nervous about moving without a job. I… Read More
Hi, I'm 14 Months Old!
2010-11-14 19:39
Within the past month, Sidney has gone from wobbly steps to practically running around. It's all happening so fast, but everyone says that. She's also saying some words: apple, ball, bath… Read More
2010-10-22 20:59
For much of the past year I've thought about moving, getting away, starting over. Now, things are in the works to do just that and I feel relief, sadness, apprehension, and excitement all a… Read More
2010-10-06 15:41
I started this blog just about a year ago. My intention was to let this be a place my family and friends could visit to keep up with the Swanson Family. I named it Nine Mile Hike because t… Read More

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