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Out Of Commission
2012-11-06 18:58
Life has been crazy, I haven't posted anything in over a month, I've been way too busy with other things.  Maybe I'll be back one day. Much love, over and out Read More
Things That Are Random And Awesome
2012-09-25 22:34
Spotted on the Huckberry blogAlthough these photos are completely unrelated to anything, I could look at them for hours and never stop smiling.  Mexican Hairless FTW.In other news Rothr… Read More
Accuweather Trails
2012-08-28 01:40
I'm so excited to be back in State College with my mountain bike, the trails here are endless.  Today I rode the Accuweather trail, it's not huge but it has some crazy turns and lot's o… Read More
Erik Jonsson's Pinarello Stelvio
2012-08-13 21:23
If I had the means to build a road bike right now, it would definitely look a lot like this.  Old Steel, primarily modern components and zipps; such a killer combo.  The bike belon… Read More
2012-08-09 01:43
Chemical Brothers 'Velodrome' - London 2012 from CrystalCG International on Vimeo.Although this video has been making it's rounds, it is absolutely worth another post. I have been a fan of… Read More
New Hat Day: Peonfx
2012-08-05 22:10
I finally got my Peonfx 5-panel camp hat yesterday and I'm really stoked on it. It's a nice fit and the fabric is really cool plus it came with some interesting packaging and a few stickers… Read More
Shiftin' Heads Not Gears
2012-08-01 22:25
As you may have noticed, I have been out of commission for almost a month now, but not to fear! I have been really busy between work and traveling; things are finally starting to settle do… Read More
The Termites Got Me
2012-07-12 02:59
So in a nutshell, I have been way too busy which in turn makes me extremely lazy in my free time which leaves little time to post, whomp. On the bright side the Stumpjumber is getting plent… Read More

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