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Channeling the mysteries of the Island, from the flatlands of Nebraska. Namaste.
2010-05-25 15:13
Totally saw that one coming.No, not the ending, but the fact that the ending would elicit a full spectrum of reactions from “epic” and “beautiful” to “disappoin… Read More
2010-05-23 17:14
Only a handful of hours until the finale arrives, and a few more before it disappears. (Cliché alert:) I can’t believe it is here.I apologize I didn’t get this post up ear… Read More
2010-05-19 05:49
LOST Season Six. Episode 16. What They Died For. I needed that.After last week’s polarizing, ambiguous mythology exploration, I needed an episode that perfectly reset our characters&rs&hell…Read More
2010-05-18 03:14
There are three and a half hours left in the story of Lost.Gone are the days of pushing a button in the Swan Hatch, finding fresh water to stay alive, burying the bodies of survivors past, w… Read More
2010-05-12 15:16
LOST. Season Six. Episode Fifteen. Across The Sea.If, six years ago, you would’ve showed me five minutes of this episode, I wouldn’t have believed it was LOST. But in a show tha… Read More
2010-05-11 02:56
With only 4.5 hours left of Lost, we’ve arrived at the episode many have been waiting for since the finale of season 5. Since early in season 6, there have been rumblings of the natur… Read More
Happy Lost Birthday!
2010-05-07 18:56
My coworkers are ridiculous. My desk was plastered with Maggie-in-Lost-scenes photographs this morning. Enjoy! Read More
2010-05-05 04:23
If I only had two words, my review would be: NO WAY.We only have 19 days left until this show is over. And for the last several weeks, Charlie and I have wondered quietly and on this blog a… Read More
2010-05-04 03:23
LOST: Season 6, Episode 14: The CandidateHi folks. Charlie here, switching roles with Maggie one last time, as work demands have me whisked off to scenic Mankato, Minnesota.I hope everyone e… Read More
2010-04-29 17:59
First off, a quick programming note: We'll be back next week, with a preview and review of The Candidate - and Maggie and I will be switching roles next week, as I have to travel for work t… Read More

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