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Special Thank You To My Husband
2016-10-20 11:47
People warn you about how hard marathon training will be on your body. They also warn you about how much of a time commitment it will be.  Even knowing all this I still signed up b… Read More
Chicago Marathon Recap
2016-10-17 06:39
Exactly one week ago, I finished the Chicago Marathon! I am still in awe of completing such an amazing accomplishment. I would have written this blog post sooner but unfortunately I got real… Read More
5 Things That Keep Me Inspired
2016-10-07 21:04
Staying fit and healthy can be hard when you can't stay motivated. I know I have my share of days when I truly have no desire to workout. Those are the days that I have to really get it toge… Read More
Anxiety Before Race Day: Chicago Marathon
2016-10-06 12:27
This entire week I have been having so much anxiety over the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. I think about it and I feel like screaming. I have worked so hard for this upcoming race but I am ter… Read More
This Californian Loves Colorado!
2016-09-30 21:49
Almost two weeks ago I went on a little vacation to the beautiful state of Colorado. I was in awe of how active everyone was and how many hikes and trails were available. I pretty much fell… Read More
Just Netflix And Treadmill
2016-09-12 19:52
I used to hate the treadmill. I mean really hate it! The thought of running more than twenty minutes was absolute torture. Naturally most of my runs were outside. Every now and then I would… Read More
Product Review: Trekz Titanium Pink
2016-09-06 01:26
I wanted to share with you guys one of the things that has kept me motivated during my marathon training. I've made it no secret that I love running while listening to music. I have even let… Read More
Happy Birthday To Me!!
2016-09-01 20:28
Another year older, another year wiser? The wiser part is highly debatable but turning 33 does feel a bit odd. This birthday was supposed to be different. I had visions of what this birthday… Read More
Summer Vacation In Palm Desert!
2016-08-30 22:58
Ever since I got back from vacation I have been having issues with my computer. It is super slow to load ANYTHING! It is beyond frustrating and the thought of buying a new one right now is j… Read More

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