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A blog about language, writing, books, translation, and observations in Chicago and beyond, including Japanese, radio, Internet, and TV.
2016-10-04 21:43
I was chatting with a British-born American (i.e., he came to the US for school, got married, and decided to stay), and he said he was running in the upcoming Chicago Marathon. Then he said… Read More
Interview With Author Dave Berner
2016-10-01 11:23
Dave Berner (I should actually say "David W. Berner") has written several books, is a professor at Columbia College, a news anchor on WBBM Newsradio, and is currently the Writer in Residence… Read More
Interview With JC Corcoran
2016-10-01 02:25
J.C. Corcoran has been working in the media for several years, and he's also a very good writer. His book Real Life Stories of J.C. and the Breakfast Club...or 20 Minutes in the Dark with Ma… Read More
2016-09-02 19:41
Continuing my "series" about the positive aspects of the South Bridgeport, an established neighborhood that's becoming an extension of Chinatown and possibly a future hub of hipste… Read More
What's Good About The South Side
2016-07-16 16:41
I've been teaching on the South Side (more specifically, southwest side) of Chicago for almost a decade, and I have met great people down there. Before that, my interaction with wonderful So… Read More
I Don't Want To Type On Glass
2016-07-07 22:57
Just when I thought I'd found a great phone (I gave up my iPhone for a Blackberry Classic), the company is killing the Classic. This is horrible news for me and the other people around the w… Read More
Why I Got A Blackberry
2016-02-15 20:27
It's too bad I'm not a rich, powerful, or famous person because my endorsement of Blackberry would probably affect a lot of people, and the company would be happy. I'm just an average joe, l… Read More
2015-11-06 23:15
I recently went to an event at a professional organization to hear a specialist speak about a technical issue, and before I went, I looked at the speaker's website (I won't link to it here o… Read More
2015-10-30 20:34
I was doing a search for the meaning and usage of the word "twee" because I like the sound and connotation. I've heard British people say it, and I like how they apply the word to a variety… Read More
Japanese Transliteration Mistake
2015-10-20 21:32
I was walking down the street and saw this sign, which has some clear mistakes.They transliterated すしと as "sushiito." The double-i means it's a long sound, but す… Read More

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