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Amazing Kidlit Cakes
2011-04-23 19:26
Nothing makes me happier than when my two favorite things come together - Children's Books and Cake! I’m always admiring the work of professionals, particularly when they decide to ma… Read More
The Limey!
2011-02-06 21:24
The Limey is a slang term for the British, it comes from a term used for sailors in need of lime juice (or citrus) to ward off scurvy. The Limey is also a Steven Soderberg film about a mean… Read More
Bringing Home The Biscotti (with Bite!)
2010-12-24 03:17
Yes, it's true, I've been pretty bad about blogging lately. I'd like to blame it on too much egg nogg and the tsunami of rain that LA has had the past few days, but being cooped up indoors d… Read More
2010-12-24 01:01
My long haired long term boyfriend and I sent out the following Christmas card last year. It seemed appropriate for this baking blog! Happy Holidays!All the photos were taken by my boyfriend… Read More
Halloween Trick-or-Treat Extravaganza!
2010-11-04 05:43
Have you recovered from your Halloween candy coma yet?Well if you haven't, then steer clear of this post because it may make your sweet tooth start to scream! Yes, I hosted a spooky Hallowee… Read More
Star-tastic Blueberry Pie
2010-10-26 07:37
With Halloween just around the corner I thought I'd do a blog post about...Pie.Okay, pie has nothing to do with Halloween. Except I will be making some spook-tacular finger nail pie in the n… Read More
The Name Is Brulee, Creme Brulee
2010-10-03 07:27
If James Bond had a favorite dessert, I bet it would be Creme Brulee. The man is a sexy international spy, so it's only natural that he would desire something sophisticated and irresistible… Read More
Asparagus Croissants!
2010-09-18 04:39
Did someone say Asparagus? Isn't this a baking blog? Look lady, if you start pitching me on asparagus cake, I am outta here!Calm down. Just because something is green and a vegetable doesn't… Read More
My First Wedding... (Cake)!
2010-09-04 02:28
*Cue the Music* Don Don Da Don, Don Da Da Don... Here comes the cake, heeeeere comes the cake!You didn't think I was getting married did you?! Nope the lovely Erin Sprauge (now Wusterbarth … Read More
Bananas About Banana Bread!
2010-09-02 08:17
Oh dear sweet baking blog, I know it's been many-a-week since I've posted. You must think me bananas! But I've been rubbing elbows with the flour and the sugar. I swear, I'm still friendly w… Read More

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