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January 31st - New Year's Eve
2012-02-01 13:36
POP!And now we come full circle.I started this Holiday Month project off with New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2012.  So, logically, I end it celebrating New Year’s Eve, which t… Read More
January 31st - Halloween
2012-01-31 20:06
Hooray! We've finally come to my favorite holiday, Halloween!!!Halloween is a shortening of All Hallow's Eve, and is celebrated every year on October 31st.  It has Pagan and Christian i… Read More
January 30th - Kwanzaa
2012-01-30 22:32
The traditional greeting during Kwanzaa is "Habari Gani?" which is Swahili for "What's the news?"The holiday for today is Kwanzaa, the celebration of African-American culture that usually ta… Read More
January 29th - Leap Day
2012-01-29 18:37
 Today's holiday highlights a special quality of 2012.  It's a leap year! Kris Kross will make ya...Occurring every four years, Leap Day takes place on February 29th, thus giv… Read More
January 28th - Ask A Stupid Question Day
2012-01-28 18:44
As I turn the corner and head into the home stretch for the Holiday Month project, I'd like to try to get some more people involved.  Today's holiday is a great way to do this.Ask a Stu… Read More
January 27th - Arbor Day
2012-01-28 00:10
The final Friday in January brings us to Arbor Day, which is celebrated on the final Friday of April.  It is day in which people are encouraged to plant and care for trees, and can be… Read More
January 26 - Thanksgiving
2012-01-26 18:45
 Gobble gobble!  Today marks the fourth Thursday of the month, which makes this Thanksgiving.  It also marks the first time that Thanksgiving has taken place after Christmas… Read More
January 26th - Boxing Day
2012-01-26 18:26
Today is Boxing Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the day after Christmas.  Originating in the United Kingdom, the custom was that wealthy land owners would give their servants… Read More
January 25th - Christmas
2012-01-25 20:04
Ho-ho-ho!  Today is the 25th of January, and that means it’s…CHRISTMAS!!! The most wonderful time of the year!  HOORAY! Phil Spector produced the best Christmas music… Read More
January 23rd - Chinese New Year
2012-01-24 21:50
Today is the last of the three holidays that actually take place during the month of January 2012.  The Chinese New Year commemorates the start of the Chinese Calendar Year (as the Chin… Read More

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