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Four Winds specialized in homes, buildings and furnishings for Virtual Worlds like Second Life and InWorldz. Items include Victorian and Steampunk.
NEW Dodge House Saloon
2016-06-26 17:11
Introducing the Dodge House SaloonSpecial early bird price of Iz$1,900 (will be regularly 2,400 after this week)Teleport: Prims w/ Extra… Read More
Big Changes At Four Winds
2016-03-29 20:30
There are a few big changes that I'm making. The first is that I'm giving up my region Four Winds in InWorldz and instead I'm renting a lot for my rezzing vendors. All of my homes and shops… Read More
Houses & Shops Dinkie, Tiny & Lilliputs
2016-02-14 03:48
I've just finished downsizing many of my buildings including Fantasy, Celtic, Tudor and Victorian homes in InWorldz. I've also downsized all of my low prim shoppes. There are some gazebos re… Read More
InWorldz Only No Longer In Second Life
2014-03-11 06:08
Just a quick update: I'm no longer in Second Life. I am only in InWorldz for now.TELEPORTFour Winds/173/183/22I've been here for a little while now and I'm working on redoing teleports in so… Read More
Four Winds On Cariama For InWorldz
2014-03-11 06:00
To make it easier for InWorldz residents I've been busy listing my builds on Cariama. I have two stores there so far. I'll list them here with the links. Four Winds Vintage and VictorianFour… Read More
Great Vintage Hot Air Balloon Art
2014-03-11 05:59
I found these at the NYPL Digital Gallery while browsing other poster art. I just had to share them. I really love vintage balloons and flying machines. Click the images to see them actual s… Read More
The Victorian Estate At Christmas
2013-05-31 04:11
A couple of years ago we had a Christmas party in the Victorian Estate home. These are some of the pictures from that day so you can see what it looks like decorated. Click photos to enlarge… Read More
Steampunk Name Generator
2013-05-31 04:09
Need a name for steampunk roleplay? This is a great tool to generate names. It has categories such as: Aristocracy, Clergy, Commoner, Enforcer, Military and Scientist. Here are some of the n… Read More

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