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2016-09-12 18:19
Sometimes I think to myself: All I have is books and cats and stuff. That’s it. That’s all I have in this world. Stuff. And cats. No husband. No children. No home of my own. No… Read More
2016-07-25 08:36
  For me, the easy thing is Grad School. It sounds weird to stay, but I know for me, for Andrea, the easy choice would be to go to grad school. The harder choice is rest. You see, I thr… Read More
2016-07-24 07:44
  It’s a very interesting time for me. I’ve been preparing for Zimbabwe and I am unbelievably excited. But simultaneously there have been some Big Career and Life Decisions… Read More
Some Thoughts On Grief
2016-07-08 21:02
  Friends, I’ve been silent because I’m grieving and grief is hard. I’m well acquainted with grief and if I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned Grief is no… Read More
2016-06-23 06:51
When the day comes, What are they going to say? Will they remember? Will they care? And how will I feel? ___ I feel like throwing a temper tantrum. I feel like screaming my guts out and sto… Read More
Oh God
2016-06-09 02:03
  Here’s how it goes:

 I finally get my butt to a coffee shop to get some writing done And then, and only then, do I feel like crying. On the verge of tears. Mind goi… Read More
2016-05-24 08:24
Oh grief, you keep me on my toes. Yesterday I could barely get out of bed. Today espresso shots and friends and cats meant I forgot the pain for a bit. Oh grief, you hit hard after 20 minut… Read More
2016-05-23 11:34
    Today I didn’t wash my hair. I didn’t put makeup on. I wore glasses because when I cry that hard my eyes get puffy and I can’t wear contacts. Today I felt un… Read More
2016-05-17 09:52
      Don’t mind me. I’m only just FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE FUTURE. LIKE, FUH-REAKING OUT. Here is how I feel today: WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GOD? WHAT ON EARTHHHHHHH????… Read More
Sunday Best 5.15.16
2016-05-16 00:36
This week’s meditation. Remember this old thing? My last Sunday Best was all the way back in June 2014. And it wasn’t even a Sunday Best, hah. I’ve been scaling back my s… Read More

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