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Alright, Fine. I’m A Seahawks Fan.
2014-02-03 21:04
I’m a joiner. I enjoyed the Seahawks win last night…total bandwagon fan. I think it started when my place of work (screen printing tees) was approached by Nike to do the officia… Read More
Rubia De Los Muertos Is Down!
2012-01-12 21:52
Blonde of the Dead is taking a mother f-ing siesta. I’m taking a wee bit of a break from painting.  I’ve been working on these Day of the Dead portraits for almost 3 years… Read More
Stencil FTW
2011-02-05 17:28
About a year ago, I got the great idea to redecorate my bathroom. It was a stark shade of off white, and it felt so sterile every time I’d be dropping a deuce or showering. I wanted wa… Read More
Black Veiled Bride – A Review
2010-07-26 17:30
Yesterday I walked by Hot Topic, and saw this band, Black Veiled Bride, had vomited merchandise on the front of the store. I did a double take, because the photos were rigoddamndiculous. So… Read More
La Femme Accident
2010-07-26 04:28
Major credit to anyone who knows the origin of the title, by the way. OMD forever! I just found out about the coolest car…no, THING ever: The Dodge La Femme “Unveiled in 1955… Read More
2010-07-15 06:15
So what the french hell is up with this Justin Bieber horseshit? Even the Belgians know about him. I shit you not, I hung out with some tonight and they were all up on the Bieber front. I wa… Read More
Craft Uprising
2010-07-13 17:16
So I’m stuck at home with a broken leg. Actually, I can drive, so I’m not completely stuck, but for the most part, I’m at home and bored out of my Goddamn mind. Enter craft… Read More
Happy 4th, Fools!
2010-07-04 15:03
And here are some red, white, and blue things that make me happy. How rad is that couch? Mmmm….cake….. I’ve turned into a country dork and started a bottle collection… Read More

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Lazy Susan's World of Finery & Frippery | Random crap, things that amuse me, craft mania…


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