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A few months ago, my doctor told me I had cancer. It blew my mind; it was like life stopped moving. The diagnosis wasn't good; the tumor had spread and was rare and aggressive. Now I have to beat this thing my body created so that I can get out and live again. All that stands in the way is chemotherapy, my savior and my foe.
2011-09-03 20:34
I've been having a lot of dreams lately where I've been playing basketball or football, or just running in general, and everything feels the way it's supposed to feel. In my dreams, I feel n… Read More
2011-06-09 20:10
I know what it feels like to wake up in pain. In fact, over the past month or so, my pain has fluctuated so much I have no idea what to think. One night on a dormitory mattress at my sister'… Read More
2011-05-16 22:10
Sarcoma & Bone Cancer Research Foundation Association needs your out this eBrochure with news about Jonathan Swartz and Sarcoma &… Read More
2011-05-05 20:59
I thought it appropriate to mention that the last scans were good. (Mild celebration.) I'm heading back in the direction I was headed in the first time through high dose, and my reward was… Read More
2011-04-04 23:28
I knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to go back on high-dose chemo. The vomiting, the neutropenia, the fatigue, the feeling as if I'd been hit by a Mack truck, etc. The thing… Read More
2011-04-02 19:55
I recently finished writing a song called "Better." I had been trying for so long to put into words and melody the deep disappointment and frustration I've been feeling since this whole thin… Read More
2010-12-13 05:56
By the second semester of my senior year in college, I had completed all of my educational requirements for graduation. That's just the way I am; I busted my ass and did what I had to do ear… Read More
2010-11-05 21:06
I get the feeling that it's time for an update. It just gets hard to keep talking about this stuff all the time. There's always something going on, and I hate being asked about it. I know it… Read More
2010-09-26 22:03
This week begins the new next leg of my treatment, made necessary by the revelation that the old treatment plan was no longer working. I'll be heading back to radiation, this time for spots… Read More
2010-09-22 00:30
I always figured I knew the beginning and the end of my story. The beginning, of course, was when I got sick. The end, then, would be when I'm no longer sick. In my mind, the bookends were t… Read More

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