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2004-10-07 03:18
Gadget Helps Bathroom-Bashful Women - EarthLink - Strange News: " TOKYO - When Naoko Ito uses a public bathroom, she cringes in embarrassment at the thought that other patrons can hear the s… Read More
2004-09-11 17:28
This is another site that has the same name as mine. There are several listed on Google, maybe I should change the name of this site? Anyway, I hate to say it, but everything this guy says a… Read More
2004-09-07 14:57
Lesson Two- Vocabulary nan-ji (nahn-jee) - What time? ima (ee-mah) - Now. Ima nan-ji desu ka - What time is it now? ichi-ji (ee-chee-jee) - One o'clock. Ichi means "one," and the suffix… Read More
2004-09-01 16:14
Between lessons, there will often be fun extras, such as fun Japanese words or interesting facts about Japan... Even simple concepts like "you" and "I" are complicated in Japanese. The basi… Read More
2004-08-22 23:08
Japanese can be an extremely difficult language to learn, but luckily the pronunciation is easy. All words in Japanese are made up of distinct syllables, normally of two or three letters eac… Read More
2004-08-22 22:54
Sorry, but it appears there may be some delays in getting the first lesson up, as I figure out how exactly I'm going to structure these lessons, and while trying not to seriously violate any… Read More

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