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Escalating Change
2016-09-27 11:56
I’ve been writing Mirror Sydney for long enough that many of the places I have featured have now been demolished, or changed, or transformed. On my train trips across the har… Read More
Scrap Yard Spirit
2016-08-19 07:08
The bus zigzags through Sydenham and St Peters, going east. It travels along Railway Road, past the cappuccino bulging with froth that is painted on the corner cafe, and high up a … Read More
The Campbell Street Horse
2016-07-31 22:18
The row of 19th century buildings at the start of Campbell Street are surrounded by more recent, taller buildings, like a piece has been cut out of the modern city to reveal a past version… Read More
White Castle
2016-07-03 23:05
The highway curves then is straight for a stretch. The road widens here and the speed limit increases to 70, so in the rush of traffic there’s almost not enough time to notice the road… Read More
Edgecliff Citadel
2016-06-01 07:14
Before the eastern suburbs railway was built Edgecliff was a place of 19th century mansions, tin-roof terraces and steep, grassy vacant lots. It was a place to look back at the city, ac… Read More
Big Vision: The Sydney Murals Of Carol Ruff
2016-05-11 04:20
The mural stretches across the long wall of the railway bridge across from Redfern train station. It is a reminder to all who pass that this is Aboriginal land with its figures and footprin… Read More
Double Bay Bizarre
2016-04-01 01:12
New South Head Road winds down the hill from Edgecliff, past a trio of derelict mansions with smashed windows and boarded-up gates, soon to be a new development, and rows of art deco ap… Read More
Terminus And The Suspension Of Time
2016-03-20 05:52
For most of the 20th century Pyrmont was an industrial area of factories and warehouses. By the end of the of century, though, a period of desertion and dereliction had set in. Few peop… Read More
Sentinels Of Summer’s End
2016-02-25 02:15
Summer in Sydney is bookended by flowers. When the warm weather starts in November the jacaranda trees bloom in clouds of pale mauve blossoms. The jacaranda is a celebrated tree, its floweri… Read More
Reading The City
2016-01-15 00:17
I navigate Sydney by my own set of landmarks, places of mystery or memory that form strings of details. Some of these are obvious things, others unassuming, others link to stories perso… Read More

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