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Wooden Masks
2014-07-07 08:01
Vuvi Mask, Gabon via Sotheby’s. Hook-Mask, Bahinemo People, Hunstein Mountains, Papua New Guinea via Sotheby’s. Bafo Mask, Cameroon via Sotheby’s. Mask, Teke/Tsa… Read More
Marie Rime
2014-05-22 15:18
Armures, 2013 Armures, 2013 Masques, 2011 Masques, 2011 Masques, 2011 From Marie Rime‘s Masques and Armures projects. Related posts:Dogon or Bamana “spritual armour”… Read More
Colombian Gold
2014-02-23 11:31
Pectoral, 13th–16th century Colombia; Sonso Gold. [Link] Headdress frontal, 1st–7th century Colombia; Yotoco Gold. [Link] Costumed figure pendant, 1st–7th century Colomb… Read More
Aboriginal Snake Ceremony
2013-08-28 20:04
Screenshots from Adventure – Quest under Capricorn – 1. Desert Gods of a snake ceremony. This is a David Attenborough series from 1963 which I recommend watching… Read More
Paracas Textiles
2013-08-06 19:43… Read More
South African Fertility Figures
2013-07-18 21:34
Zulu male figures (udoli) wearing imitsha made by Hluphekile MaMchunu Zuma 1990. Photo by Action Photos. Collection Frank Jolles. Zulu clay doll (udoli) Photo by Hershel Mair. Collection S… Read More
Angelo Meani
2013-07-02 20:49–angelo © photo credit Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne… Read More

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