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Bike Kitchen Poster!
2011-03-01 01:40
I’ve been interested in getting more illustration practice so I volunteered to make posters for the bike kitchen this semester. Here’s my first one! I drew the image with a felt… Read More
2011-01-24 20:37
Okay, so after living in Hopkins for like 4 days, I am a total convert. The house is super cozy, the decor is rad, my roommate is awesome, and everyone is ridiculously nice to each other all… Read More
I Love This Picture.
2010-10-23 14:27
Western MA has this certain tall-trees-and-expanses-of-yellow-grass beauty going on that I have always really loved Read More
2010-10-02 20:57
So I wrote a project proposal for my statistics class. It’s a bio experiment and I know nothing about biology, since I haven’t taken any bio classes since eighth grade. I wrote t… Read More
2010-09-18 00:37
Sociology 101 aka The American Dream Is Bullshit, And Fuck Capitalism Statistics 245 aka The General Public Is Really Stupid and Easy to Fool with Bogus Graphs, Also Fuck Capitalism Colonial… Read More
2010-09-09 19:56
The ideas of virtue and sexual purity are inherently sexist and oppressive. You’re assigning greater or lesser value to a person based on interactions they have with other people. This… Read More

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