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2009-11-02 20:52
so i have this student named "ala'a". as in "ala'a-din". as in "aladdin". so basically i have a student named's ridiculous, though, because if you even slightly mispronounce hi… Read More
2009-11-02 13:54
ONE OF MY STUDENTS HAS H1N1 AND NOW THE WHOLE CLASS AND I HAVE TO GO GET TESTED!SO EXCITING!i am secretly hoping i get it because it will be a great tidbit for future introductions Read More
2009-10-31 22:52
today i went to byblos, a city so old it is mentioned in the bible. TWICE Read More
2009-10-31 00:11
beer bongs, vip lounges, and loaded guns pointed at heads. all in all, a good friday night in lebanon.and as far as the beer bong is concerned, know that i did not let america down. the ara… Read More
2009-10-25 21:06
it's been a while. i moved to lebanon just over two weeks ago. beirut, specifically. i'll be here for a year. before this, i was in prague for a year. my year in prague, summarized: it… Read More
2007-12-24 02:47
"when i was a child, i had a pet duck. wherever i walked, the duck would follow behind me. he would just follow me around the house all day long. he was always with me. i loved him so mu… Read More
2007-11-20 20:06
apparently the ONLY spanish advertisement myspace has is this GIANT banner. somehow, it appears on every page, and in bright, eye-catching colors. so basically i will never use… Read More

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