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2013-08-30 10:35
And I'm back......with one night with my girls in Pacifico: Read More
2013-05-11 20:47 on… Read More
2013-02-19 21:50
Here's a little something for you to look while I'm in Stockholm. And yes, I am blond btw.listening: The xx - Swept Away Read More
2013-02-04 16:29
FRIDAY-free beer at photography art museum-hanging at Cafe Mascot-awesome homemade pizza + Vampire DiariesSATURDAY-underground party-beer-vodka-fake blood-too drunk-ecstasySUNDAY-massive han… Read More
2013-01-28 19:09
1. christmas chocolate lollipop from my classmate2. movie date3. latte and pie with essi @ Steam Coffee4. coffee @ work5. Flight tickets to Stockholm!6. 1 l beer only 3,70e7. Searching… Read More
2013-01-26 20:48
Because I'm trying to be a better blogger again, I decided to take camera to bar again.But when the material that you find next morning is as horrible as it was now, I may have to think a bi… Read More
2013-01-23 17:49
Facespam! Cross necklace from Bershka.  listening: Carly Rae Jepsen - Picture Read More
2013-01-21 19:58
I bought a new widescreen lens to my Olympus Pen to get me more excited about photographing again and I did get some great shots with it of last saturdays' sunset.listening: Carly Rae J… Read More

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