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Just Because.
2015-02-20 03:34
There's a scene in an episode of The Office (I've seen every episode way too many times, don't judge) where Nelly, the British character, is trying to take over as manager of Dunder Mifflin… Read More
Er.... Hellooooo!!!
2014-03-04 07:21
*nothing but empty echoes* *tumbleweeds blow by* *thick dust covers everything* *there is a family of mice nesting in the corner* Well, anyway, you get the idea. Hi. It's… Read More
The Bright Orange Pumpkin
2013-11-13 17:01
a poem by Emma Joy, age nineOn a bright summer's day,I opened my cupboardJust to find a bright orange pumpkin,Round and fat and broad.I asked, "Ms. Pumpkin,What might you be doing here?"She… Read More
This Is Monday Morning.
2013-09-16 18:45
Me, showered but undone in the makeup or hair department, doing our lesson planning for the week, since our weekend was far too busy to allow for it. Reveling in the thrill of a brand-new pa… Read More
Oh, Children. {#4}
2013-08-24 06:53
Emma, to her little brother: "oh Bennett, you're not actually human. You're an alien and you come from the planet of cute."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~An… Read More
2013-07-31 00:17
-blogging. (Hmmm, you think? It's been almost a month again. Sheesh.)-keeping my plastic containers and lids in any semblance of order. That cupboard is a hopeless mess, people. Good luck fi… Read More
Once Upon An Easter...
2013-07-03 22:28
.... my kids all looked really cute. And I took a bunch of pictures. And then I never blogged about Easter, so the cute pictures of my cute kids simply sat in my camera, gathering a thick la… Read More
Bathtime With Bennett
2013-05-20 21:30
As I was going through some of the pictures I had uploaded, intending to use them for blogs, I realized two things: one, I am woefully behind and shall never properly catch up. two, Bennett… Read More
2013-05-02 22:39
...I walk around all day singing bits and pieces of Disney songs. I tell myself it's for the kids (because I'm convinced that they LOVE it. They do. I know they do.), but really, I just like… Read More

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