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2011-03-17 13:07
Apa cerita pindah KL?Not entirey hate it..coz now I'm with hubby and he's doing everything for me.. Alhamdullilah..But I hate my workplace.Stress.I hate the department, not the people. But t… Read More
2011-01-22 07:19
Transferring soon.Despite feeling lonely most of the time in Limbang, encountering annoying patients & relatives, lousy colleague to work with, upsetting administrative problem..I like w… Read More
2010-12-31 06:26
So, 2011 is tomorrow.My new year resolution is simple, to take a good care of myself..That includes, taking a break, a long holiday if I need to..Splurge money unnecessarily if I want to..Ea… Read More
2010-12-25 12:02
A new life in me.Alhamdulillah.Allah answered my prayer.Had to struggle the first few months on my own.The nausea, vomiting, lethargy..Despite the loneliness, thank God for the presence of g… Read More
2010-11-20 03:05
Scenario 1Me, upon reviewing a G10P9 lady at the OPDMe: Kak, brapa orang anak kitak mauk tok??She: Cukupla yang ni..Me: Kitak ada merancang ka?She: Eh..ada..makan pil.Me: Uish, terer betol a… Read More
2010-11-14 12:36
cerita ini hanya khas utk medical people jek..sebab org lain sure tak paham..misi: doc, patient still 6 cm since 3 hours ago la..tapi, station dah hmm, contraction cantik. tinggal s… Read More
RM5 Billion
2010-10-30 07:45
A hospital will only be functional if....we have our own ICU, with our own ventilator....we have more ambulance, a functioning ambulance, not the one that cant accelerate more than 100km/h… Read More
2010-10-20 13:53
There are times when you feel lost.Your brain stops thinking. Your mind is empty. Nothing good on TV, keep flicking on the channel. No new update on your friends' FB or blog. Nothing nice (a… Read More
2010-10-16 14:19
Dream, subconscious, or reality.Saw a man in white, entered my room the other night. Or early morning.Was back from the E&T, attending a case at 2am. Went to sleep. Suddenly woke up, see… Read More
2010-10-03 10:40
I dont think its the work that stressed me out. Nor the calls, or the ignorant patient.Its the boredom. Of staying alone. Doing nothing after work. Or over the free weekend.Lately, few peopl… Read More

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The Importance of Being Marisa


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