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2011-04-28 01:21
So cue the 80’s guitar solo, it’s the final countdown here at Mac Pelican. This Saturday is the last and final day. That’s it, all over, end of story, sayonara, adios, arri… Read More
2011-04-19 02:12
That’s right - we’re going down to a further 40% off everything in the store! With only days to go, don’t forget Mothers Day - there’s still our beautiful hand made a… Read More
2011-04-07 02:35
It is with tears in my eyes that I write this farewell blog for mac pelican…… For we are closing. I never imagined writing this, but hey, never say never right? But what a… Read More
2011-02-25 03:45
It’s humph time at Mac Pelican. You know that time in between being on sale and waiting for brand sparkly exciting new stock to start coming in?  A little friend of mine (who shal… Read More
2011-02-14 00:15
Dear you, Yes you I’m talking to. I know i haven’t written in a while… sure it’s been busy, sure there was Christmas, New Year, Australia Day, and now Valentines Day… Read More
Share The Love
2011-02-14 00:11
So i only called this post ‘Share the Love‘ because it’s Valentines Day today. This really has nothing to do with V Day at all. That’s about as into Valentines day as… Read More
2011-02-01 04:25
Oh Nancybird, i have a lot to thank you for. Is it just me, or is 2011 VERY hard to get into? I need newness, I need things to sigh and rejoice over, I need more time, more energy, more pi… Read More
Mini Me
2011-01-23 03:14
So before Christmas I emailed a link to little pinwheel to my husband in the hope of receiving some of my favourite Saltwater Sandals in shiny yellow please! I’ll admit a package arri… Read More
2011-01-16 10:12
Ok, so this is BIG news…. super ace big. Yikes, where are my manners first of all, apologies - let me start again. Happy new year, and how was the christmas? Ours was fantabulous, a b… Read More
Happy Happy Days!
2010-12-23 11:11
It’s holiday time… food, drink, family and friends. ah, smile. So we’re off! Mac Pelican will be closing Christmas Eve until Monday 17th January 2011. Be safe out the… Read More

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