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Part 286- Unexpected Guest
2016-10-08 18:28
As narrated by Sahal: I looked on in fascination as Mr.Patel scooped Hana into his arms and posed in front of Frodo’s house for a selfie! Like dude, the man went from nougat to yogurt… Read More
Part 285-One In A Million
2016-10-01 19:37
As narrated by Aara: Two hours. Two long hours and by now my hyped up spirit was beginning to dampen. I know that I had showed up unannounced and that this is a big company etc etc but like… Read More
Part 284 – Still Flipping…
2016-09-17 20:09
As narrated by Maaherah: Days had turned into weeks, but the guilt that ate away at me refused to lessen. Because of me, a man was confined to a wheelchair.For life. I couldn’t even lo… Read More
2016-08-14 20:19
As narrated by Aara: After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze. I thought that I would have a heart attack when confetti literally flew into my face, and in front of… Read More
Who’s At The Door?????
2016-08-14 09:42
Salaaaams… So…I feel the way that I did when I did the whole Q & A thing with you guys long ago and the comments that are coming with Who’s At The Door and everyone&r&hell…Read More
Part 281- Better Late Than Never
2016-08-13 21:30
As narrated by Nemo: Watching my dad surrounded by all his grand kids, was heartwarming. Nuzayh’s two boys, Aaliyah’s son and daughter,and Ammaarah’s twin daughters command… Read More
Part 280 – Copy And Paste;)
2016-08-07 17:05
As narrated by Riza: “Three days and you’re calling me now only!”, Laeeka scowled “It’s the time difference that makes me forget Laeeks… you know that I… Read More
Part 279- For You…
2016-07-29 19:37
As narrated by Aara: My smile broadened as I caught a glimpse of Zoheb’s Nani in the huge mirror that seemed to eclipse the lounge. And when she laid her eyes on me and Hana, tiny tear… Read More

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