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On Sunday Mornings,
2016-03-02 01:17
Possibly because I am currently pregnant and suddenly bombarded with thoughts about parenting and becoming a mother and you know, stuff that’s not that big of a deal, I’ve b… Read More
2016-02-22 11:44
20대 후반인 나는 마음이 선듯 급해졌다. 항상 마음이 조ᅧ……Read More
2016-02-03 02:49
Rare and transient are the moments when you say & feel, “yes. I’ve made it.” The majority of my moments that swell into my days has been the in between ones. The ones w… Read More
2015-10-28 05:41
요즘 남편이랑 나는 바쁘다. 할 일도 많지만 생각지 못했Nj……Read More
On Containment
2015-10-15 00:25
[From one long weekend in August] For the four days, I stayed at my parents’ home, only stepping out of the house when necessary. We didn’t do anything particularly special or ou… Read More
On July,
2015-08-04 06:49
July was an incredibly full month. Now, just to be clear, my definition of “full” normally paints a picture of being unnecessarily, borderline obnoxiously productive. It normally… Read More
2015-07-22 07:52
As a heavy (& intense. The adjective “intense” is often coupled with everything I do/feel/get involved with) feeler, the gravity of that was all the more profoundly high… Read More
On Stillness & Silence,
2015-06-17 08:47
For the first time in an extremely, incredibly long time, it is quiet. It is still. There are no more waves crashing down on me. There are no more roaring sounds demanding my attention. It… Read More
On Appa
2015-06-10 08:20
  “Can’t help falling in love with you” was the song we used to sing together in Blacksburg, VA, hands clasped, lounging in our middle-of-nowhere home or running… Read More
On Breathing
2015-05-30 15:39
“To pray is to breathe alongside God.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer France was beautiful, romantic, and sweet. It was dreamy. The sunshine and the quaint, calming air of Nice… Read More

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