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…I Could Go On Forever
2010-06-14 23:22
CitID, the oh-so-addictive website, has my attention (and now yours) today. The concept is that artists can submit a logo to represent their city. Fun, yes? I believe that you have to have t… Read More
…keep It To Yourself, Please.
2010-06-03 22:05
For those of you who have ever followed me on other blogs (generally blogs lasting a few weeks rather than the long running IRH), sometimes people say weird things to me. I used to have more… Read More
…i Hate To Bake.
2010-06-01 20:35
I’ve never been one to bake. The thought of having a certain number of ingredients needing to be combined in a certain way and in certain measurements is stressful for me. The phrase … Read More
…musically Designed
2010-05-27 16:32
I’m still on the album artwork kick, alright? I apologize, but I am a big fan of art on consumer type objects. I enjoy when an ad is well laid out and a pop bottle label looks like it… Read More
2010-05-26 18:38
Dear Readers, Here is a little playlist I made for you because of the last post. I’m sorry that there isn’t any jonathan inc. on it (playlist doesn’t have him yet). So plea… Read More
2010-05-19 17:38
I hate running. I don’t like the wind blowing through my hair and making the little crazy pieces fly into my eye, slicing my cornea (it feels that way, ok?). I don’t like the mom… Read More
…second Star On The Right
2010-05-18 20:01
Finding Neverland is the kind of film that I could probably watch without the sound on. It is one of those beautiful films. I feel like I could order a print from one of the shots and frame… Read More

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it rains here. | two girls, a new condo, and some serious windows.


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