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2012-06-25 20:59
I haven’t blogged in forever, but I plan to do much more in the coming year so if you are one of the few who are actually interested in this blog then you need to know that my new post… Read More
2011-12-07 02:51
A student of mine sent me the following link about Jesus being a free marketer today and asked for my comments. They follow below with some editing and additions for the blog. Wow… Read More
2011-09-20 03:24
Growing up in Norman, OK , college athletics, particularly Sooner football have always been a part of my life. My family moved to Norman so that my father could attend The University of Okla… Read More
2011-04-14 05:16
Campus Minister Confession#1: I went on my first mission trip this Spring. Not the first one I planned or facilitated. First. Ever. With that revelation in mind you can probably imagine I wa… Read More
2011-02-23 06:13
Once a month I take communion to a group of shut-ins. At my church we call it homebound communion. It’s inconvenient. It gets in the way of what could be an afternoon of helping w… Read More
2011-01-10 21:22
Take a great love song, make it about you and God, and now you have the Gospel. Like this one (Follow the link) Read More
2010-12-24 05:00
I received a comment from an old friend the other day concerning the marijuana post. He included various objections and comments concerning my opinion and raised the issue of medicinal marij… Read More
2010-12-22 05:05
Oh God, you are my God. Against you alone have I sinned. Break me so that I may be renewed. Take me filthy and unworthy and make me a Son. Your mercy I seek. Your grace overcomes me. The hou… Read More
2010-12-20 03:20
The issue of whether or not a Christian should condone and or participate in the use of marijuana as a recreational drug has come up in more than one conversation and thus is probably worth… Read More

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