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2012-02-06 15:27
Hey guys, if you have my blog linked on your blog, will you please update the link to This site now houses both my photography website and my blog, featuring interio… Read More
2011-07-10 20:36
I know all of you are on the edge of your seats wondering where I've been the past couple of months! Well, here's the deal, my blog ran out of photo space! I tried doing a blog shortly after… Read More
Just Hangin With My Bestie
2011-04-29 20:57
 Otherwise known as P-Dub. She was in town a few days ago to do a book signing for her new children's book, Charlie the Ranch Dog. It's adorable by the way! Anyway, the signing was anno… Read More
Me And Vi
2011-03-27 02:16
Like my last post, I'm going to do one now of just me and Violet.This is one is one of the very first pics of us together. I couldn't stop kissing her cheeks! Just chillin in the hammoc… Read More
Get Into The Picture!
2011-03-24 22:16
I saw this link today on Facebook, posted by a friend of mine. It stressed the importance of not just taking pictures of your children, but to be sure that you jump in a few photos yourself… Read More
Stinky But Pretty
2011-03-18 14:12
The other day we passed by a field by our house that was completely filled with Bradford Pear trees. They're the really pretty trees with the white blooming flowers in the spring that really… Read More
New Old Stuff
2011-03-17 18:42
The other day I drove to an area of OKC that I never go to. I was picking up some cupcakes from a friend and saw some old doors lying on the sidewalk across the street. There were several th… Read More
Pink Paint, Not Blue
2011-03-13 21:29
A few days ago I asked Vivian what she wanted to do the next day. She said, "Let's paint my room! Pink, not blue." She had me at paint! The girl knows that I love a good home makeover! And p… Read More
2011-02-20 03:00
Tonight after dinner Vivian decided that Violet needed a little yogurt, so she went to the fridge, opened it up, found the yogurt, grabbed some spoons and proceeded to smear it all over her… Read More
2011-02-15 21:54
So last weekend Matty got to go to the Grammy's. I didn't go. I went to Porter instead. I think it's just as glamorous and exciting there, so that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Anyway… Read More

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