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Madness, mayhem and great fun. That's life in Zimbabwe according to this British woman who laughs off daily challenges like hyperinflation, corruption, a ruthless dictator and shortages of cash, electricity, fuel, water, accurate news and worst of all - for her - cheese.
2010-08-15 19:55
So, Paul Kagame has won a resounding election in Rwanda, with something like over 90% of the vote. Under Kagame’s seven year leadership to date, Rwanda has transformed from a genocida… Read More
2010-05-04 20:11
It’s been a 4 day weekend in Zimbabwe, due to two consecutive holidays falling on Monday and Tuesday - Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day. Due to a last minute work trip cancellation… Read More
Another New Currency For Zimbabwe!
2010-03-09 19:53
Hats off to the AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) who have launched a campaign to highlight inadequate funding of HIV and AIDS treatment in the region, by printing a ran… Read More
2010-02-26 21:40
One of the key skills needed to live in Zimbabwe these days, is the ability to stay grey, ie to conduct one’s life in an entirely unremarkable manner, so as to not attract attention by… Read More
2010-02-26 21:22
Reports this week that the usual lavish birthday extravaganza is being arranged for President Robert Mugabe’s 86th birthday come as no great shock. Every year the President’s bir… Read More
2009-08-11 22:00
Yesterday started out as one of those days. You know exactly what I mean. I’d had no sleep, felt sick, was late to my first meeting of the day, and broke my favourite coffee mug in the… Read More
2009-02-11 21:38
Today could be a momentous day for Zimbabweans. A mere 11 months after the election, which was resoundingly won by the opposition party to the current (self-declared) Zimbabwean President, a… Read More
2009-01-19 17:14
Zimbabwe must surely be one of the greenest states in the world. With the collapse of the economy, industry at a standstill, and the death of the agricultural sector, no doubt Zimbabwe has a… Read More
2009-01-05 21:37
Yes, its that time of year again, the time when blog writers gather round their laptops to debate and deliberate as to who should be awarded the prestigious, utterly bogus Zim Personality of… Read More

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