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2012-11-29 11:31
I don’t know if it’s just the type of music I’m listening to that’s got me trudging on melancholy tonight, but here I am anyway, succumbing to the urge to write about… Read More
2012-06-20 05:37
Listened to this track along with the rest of Hammock's"Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo" album whilewriting this blog entry. They go so well together. Try it ;)Really supposed t… Read More
2012-06-08 15:39
LSS of the week goes to:Jameson by JMSNAs I’m writing this, the sun is setting on my second day in Cebu. Really needed this quick getaway with my universal constants: my family. A vaca… Read More
2012-05-30 17:14
I stumbled upon this track while perusing Tumblr. Fell in love with it almost immediately. I don't know. Maybe it just reminds me of young love... what with the vocalist's clearly pubescent… Read More
2012-05-28 16:53
It was the night of December 14, 2011 when I wrote something for a boy. I posted it on my Tumblr, and immediately Googled "how to origami heart" right after. On a piece of colored paper I ab… Read More
Thanks For The Good Vibes! #1
2012-05-11 15:43
(This is gonna be a series of blog posts! Every week, I'm going to compile a list of things that made me happy, and hopefully some of the good vibes I got would rub off on you guys. Here goe… Read More
Last Friday Night's Realizations
2012-05-08 01:14
After our ASAP Chillout interview with Megan Young.L-R: CGE Jocks Edu, Jessica, Anna, and ChachaFor some reason, the universe and the little demons that inhabit it never fail to conspire aga… Read More
Self-pity Is The Second Best Medicine.
2012-05-02 11:17
The best being laughter, I suppose, but I've never heard of a good laugh curing anything more than a mild case of bad vibes, or possibly aiding the authorities in spotting a space cadet. And… Read More
I Feel Like A Champion!
2012-04-30 14:32
Just in case you didn't immediately get the Disney excerptI dropped just now.I do. I really do. It's a golden Monday night for me, and I think I'm feeling cheeky enough to tell you and the w… Read More
I Miss Eating Like A Man.
2012-04-29 15:23
The act of dieting was always a foreign concept to me. Mostly because I never really needed to diet myself. I was a fat baby who grew into a healthily plump kid, who suddenly became Eth… Read More

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